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In brief

  • A Russian performance artist is selling a video of him eating a bat in front of the European Parliament.
  • The looped recording is being auctioned off in the form of an Ethereum-based, non-fungible token.
  • The minimum bid is 2.5 WETH—or around $4,540.

Russian performance artist Petr Davydtchencko has created a non-fungible token (NFT) of a video that depicts him eating a living bat in front of the European Parliament—and put it up for auction with a minimum bid of $4,500.

Why did he eat a bat, you ask? To protest Big Pharma, obviously.

“To those deeply hurt and offended by my action, I suggest you aim your anger at a bigger threat. The EU takes millions in lobbying money from pharmaceutical companies every year,” Davydtchenko explained in a press release shared with Decrypt, adding, “If the death of one living creature raises awareness of the millions of deaths as a result of government-sanctioned corporate manslaughter then I feel it is necessary.”

A man eating a bat
A still from the video, which is being sold as an NFT. Image: Petr Davydtchencko.

Non-fungible tokens are a special type of digital assets. Each one is unique, allowing for digital scarcity and enabling them to soar in value.

To financially support his cause, Davydtchencko is currently auctioning off the NFT on digital marketplace OpenSea. The starting bid is 2.5 Wrapped