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The crypto-powered Brave web browser is jumping on the non-fungible token train with offerings of its own in partnership with Origin Protocol.

In an announcement on Feb. 18, Origin Protocol stated that the official Brave Store is now accepting orders for limited edition NFTs. The browser recently held a meme contest and the top-40 entrants are now available for sale in the store.

Luke Mulks, VP of Business Operations at Brave, stated that there is hope to bring more NFT and crypto collaborations to life in the months ahead, adding;

“We’re very excited to be collaborating with Origin to introduce additional BAT utility with support for NFT purchases in the Brave Store. NFTs continue to be an emerging force in the crypto space, with more novel use cases surfacing in-market.”

Brave is an open-source, privacy-preserving browser powered by the Basic Attention Token (BAT). It boasts a network of over a million content partners and over 465 advertisers with 25 million monthly active users.  

Origin Protocol is a sharing economy-based platform created to link buyers and sellers while cutting out the middle man. It launched the Origin Dollar (OUSD) interest-bearing stablecoin in September 2017.

NFT Sales Soaring in 2021

A recent report by The Defiant stated that NFT sales have topped a record $100 million over the past 30 days. According