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It’s been said that if you manage to tick off everybody, you must be doing something right. And it seems like Bruce Springsteen may have done just that: The legendary rocker’s Super Bowl ad for Jeep, entitled “The Middle,” seems to have stirred up people of all political stripes.

Not so much a car commercial as it is a PSA sponsored by Jeep, the ad features Springsteen, in cowboy garb reminiscent of his 2019 album and film “Western Stars,” preaching unity from the literal middle of the country. “All are welcome to come meet here — in the middle,” he narrates from a tiny Kansas chapel. “It’s no secret: the middle has been a hard place to get to lately, between red and blue, between servant and citizen, between our freedom and our fear.”


Seems anodyne enough, but actually it’s a message — written by an ad firm but heavily revised by Springsteen, according to Billboard — that drew no shortage of brickbats from readers, and throughout the internet. (It also probably doesn’t help that, just days after debuting his car ad, word came out that Springsteen was charged with a DWI in November.)

On the political left, for instance, many pointed out that so soon after a violent insurrection, there’s very little middle ground to be found: “What is this famed ‘middle’ he’s talking about?” asked one reader. “We’re a month removed from Trump supporters invading the Capitol to