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Going back decades, Hollywood’s most famous stars have subjected themselves to a public grilling where their so-called friends pick them apart for a few hours on national television.

These spectacles are called roasts, and depending on your sense of humor, they can be a blast. Not for the “honored guest,” of course, but for the bloodthirsty crowd gathered to do the dissection and those watching it all unfold.

Agency Humanaut has taken a page from this legendarily cutthroat event by partnering with stand-up comedians in New York and around the country who have been thrown out of work by the Covid-19 pandemic and related club closures.

But the subject under their microscope won’t be Kanye West or Dwayne Johnson—it’ll be your brand. If you have a thick enough skin, that is, and you’re ready to part with $15,000.

A merciless roasting

Here’s how it will work: There are 10 spots