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The Brave browser is now the top-rated browser in the Google Play Store.

The Brave browser, which is centered on privacy, has risen higher than other browsers and has become the top-rated browser listed on the Google Play Store. Even Google’s own Chrome is not up to the level of Brave, as the private-centric browser is noticeably edging out other browsers.

Brave’s Head of Marketing, Des Martin, announced the news on Twitter.

By receiving over 238,000 total reviews, the Brave browser is rated at 4.8 stars out of 5 and has soared above other browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

The rise of Brave

Launched in November last year, the Brave browser is relatively new in the internet space. This newcomer has steadily gained prominence amongst other competitors and it is mainly due to its privacy policy. Since its launch, the private-centric browser has steadily gained ground on its competitors.

Brave was able to entice internet users by offering them rewards when they browse and view ads. The exciting facet about these rewards is that they are crypto-based, the Basic Attention