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We are living through a digital revolution where your personal data is the most important currency in the new world of information.

Protecting this data, whose loss can be life-threatening in some cases, is of utmost importance. Most of our data is mined and collected via internet browsers like Chrome, which absolutely dominates the market share.

Other less popular browsers include Firefox, Edge and Opera. That data is then sold to various companies and advertisers, many of which have malicious and fraudulent intentions when targeting us with their ads and offers.

With the need for privacy protection getting more user attention, a slew of new privacy internet browsers strictly focused on privacy features bubbled up to fill the market vacuum. We will compare three leading privacy browsers in this article: Brave vs DuckDuckGo vs Epic Browser.

Brave Browser vs Epic Privacy vs DuckDuckGo Browser – Key Features

Before we move on, some of you might be thinking that I am mistaken in thinking that DDG is a browser when it is actually a search engine. That